Ladinokomunita is a correspondence circle written in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), established in December of 1999. Topics of discussion center around Sephardic culture, history, and language, including: reminiscences of Sephardic life in Turkey, the United States, Rhodes, Salonica, or anywhere else in the world; Jewish holidays, customs, superstitions, foods, quaint sayings and proverbs, differences in vocabulary and pronunciation, origins of certain words, etc.; reports on aspects of Ladino history and literature by researchers and knowlegeable members. This is also a forum to announce programs and conferences relating to Ladino (or other aspects of Sephardic culture), as well as books, dictionaries, Ladino language courses, etc. Members may, in fact, discuss any subject of interest, including current affairs, science, literature, etc.
The purpose of the Ladinokomunita is to:
1. promote the use of Ladino;
2. spread the use of a standardized method for spelling Ladino with Roman characters, according to the rules established by the journal "Aki Yerushalayim."  Image result for grafia djudeo espanyol
3. promote knowledge of Sephardic History and culture.

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